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Staking – The new way to earn “Interest”

For many investors, income from interest, be it through overnight deposits, fixed deposits or bonds, comes first. Life insurers and pension funds have also been calculating with fixed-income investments for decades. But this is more or less over now. One possible answer here is the increasingly popular staking of cryptocurrencies, true to the motto: staking […]

Bitcoin Bloodbath – What’s Next in the Crypto Market?

The Bitcoin and crypto market is now in a real nosedive. Most cryptocurrencies today suffered a double-digit price loss. Exactly three days ago, the Bitcoin price reached its all-time high at just under $ 42,000. Today, the popular cryptocurrency struggled to keep the $ 30,000 mark. Many traders and analysts warned of a major correction […]

Can bitcoin soar to $40,000 today?

On Thursday, January 7, the cryptocurrency market rose to a new high. Bitcoin has surpassed $37,000, the cryptocurrency’s capitalization now stands at just over $686 billion. Within the next 24 hours, the coin could come close to $40,000, some observers predict. Other digital currencies are also increasing in value today. For example, ether (ETH) rose […]

Bitcoin reaches $220,000 on Livecoin

Bitcoin reaches $220,000 on Livecoin; exit scam suspected The Livecoin exchange suspended operations after the BTC price reached $222,000. Livecoin claims to have been hacked by a known hacker. Some members of the community suspect a sophisticated exit scam. On 24 December 2020, Livecoin halted trading operations after Bitcoin reached $220,000. The exchange claims to […]

6 raisons pour la poursuite de l’exploitation des bitcoins

6 raisons pour la poursuite de l’exploitation des bitcoins à plus de 20 000 Malgré toutes ses difficultés, 2020 a été une année brillante pour Bitcoin. Voici six raisons qui expliquent la hausse actuelle des prix au-delà de 20 000 $. La hausse fulgurante de Bitcoin au-delà du niveau psychologique de 20 000 $ a […]

Bitcoin Price Rise Caps Miglior settimana in 20 mesi con il 23% di guadagno

Bitcoin ha guadagnato il 23% da lunedì, terminando la settimana di trading appena sotto i 23.500 dollari con la sua migliore performance di aumento percentuale settimanale da aprile 2019. Durante il suo monster rally settimanale, il prezzo del Bitcoin (BTC, -1,02%) ha stabilito nuovi massimi record in quattro degli ultimi cinque giorni, raggiungendo l’attuale record […]

Lojas Americanas and B2W announce acquisition of fintech blockchain Bit Capital

Digital account service AME, which belongs to Americanas and B2W, has acquired fintech of open banking Bit Capital. Lojas Americanas and B2W announce acquisition of fintech blockchain Bit CapitalNOTÍCIAS The Ame digital account service, which belongs to Lojas Americanas and B2W, announced the acquisition of the blockchain company Bit Capital, according to a statement last […]

Bitcoin hvalklynger signaliserer $ 14,9K er det avgjørende nivået for BTC å holde

Bitcoinhvaleklynger viser at $ 14,914 er avgjørende for den pågående rallyen for å se fortsettelse. Nye data fra Whalemap antyder at Bitcoin-prisen må holde seg over $ 14,914-nivået for å opprettholde bullish momentum. Hvalklynger, som boblene vist i diagrammet nedenfor, dannes når investorer med høy nettoverdi kjøper Bitcoin Circuit og ikke flytter dem. Dette indikerer […]

Die Entkopplung von Bitcoin verbessert seinen Status als ’sicherer Hafen‘, Willy Woo

Bitcoin (BTC) ist mit der Bewegung der globalen Märkte verflochten, was seine Bemühungen, sich zu einem Hort zu entwickeln, untergräbt. Die Abkopplung des Flaggschiffs Krypto von den Aktien begann jedoch innerhalb weniger Tage, nachdem sein NVT-Preis auf ein Allzeithoch explodiert war, wie Willy Woo erklärte. Eine Hochrechnung des Kryptostatistikers Willy Woo deutet darauf hin, dass […]